Ibrahim Gagbuni Writes: Ghana FA In Credibility Crisis; Who’s Being Truthful?

Ameenu Shadow’s statement plunges the GFA and it’s leadership in to credibility crisis. Who is being truthful?

GFA and its leaders are obliged to be credible in all areas of the organisation, attitude, communication and delivery. They must say what they mean and do what they say. Wavering behaviours from leadership and the GFA confuse stakeholders.

Having personal credibility is crucial for anyone leading or associated with an organisation like the GFA, requires that, you have a very high level of credibility in you and that credibility must be exhibited in all around you that should also engulf the organisational operations.


Regrettably, the areas of credibility required within the GFA is fast disappearing. i.e. financials, marketing and management. The GFA and its leadership owe it to stakeholders to be honest and transparent with its finances.

Stakeholders need to feel confident that, the financial numbers that are shared can be believed and trusted. Stakeholders want to see that under the leadership, the GFA’s financial figures are credible with the right motives and intent.

It is a sad story when the GFA MASKS organizational issues by using creative financial reporting tactics and language with the intent of misleading stakeholders. We have seen publications where Mr Palmer made mention of a certain missing page 22 which has not been cleared by the GFA.

Well, I think the leader and the GFA is in real credibility crisis and have failed the financial credibility score looking at all the financial allegations attached the GFA under President Okraku in just 7 months in office. i.e. financial statements with missing pages, legacy debt issues and so on.

Marketing is an important area of an organization that must have it’s credibility at the highest levels. The end product of an organization must always be what was advertised, in this case, President Okraku promised of clear values of integrity, leadership and professionalism. President Okraku said that the bedrock is transparency, accountability and there is no debating in those points. Therefore, those becomes the advisement, however, some of the happening so far are not what was advertised. What has gone wrong ?

Have you ever been drawn into a business by an advertisement only to find out that there was a “bait and switch” going on?

Situations like that tarnish the reputation of the organization and create a negative public perception which is exactly what is going on at the moment and that is why puma has slash the sponsorship package by whopping 30% reported by Joy sports.

Has the leadership and the GFA lost the plot in the marketing credibility too?? Managing all components in an organization including the human recourse is a very crucial in enhancing the credibility of the organization.

There is a need to have credibility with the way the GFA are managed, this is very important not only to staff at the secretariat who can boost of being proud of their employer but most importantly the stakeholders and the general public. The Stakeholders and the general public does recognise if GFA management practice are professional and credible. When stakeholders have continues unresolved issues, the credibility of the organisation will come in to question.

Remember; credibility is about trustworthiness and following through what is promised. Service after sale is how customers judge an organization and a good customer service is critical to growing and retaining a solid customer base. Is President Okraku leadership failing the service credibility to stakeholders and loosing customer base?

Credibility with the quality of what we do help gives confidence to those who patronise the game and attract investment to all sectors to the game. (This is where brand recognition meet credibility)


Well, the verdict is out there for all, for 10 years, no investment whatsoever for Juvenile football in Ghana. And we all know that, to have a strong building, you must first of all have a stronger foundation.

Finally, being credible as an individual or organization is a conscious choice we make. Of course it not easy, however, with the right priorities and focus, it can result in establishing a reputation for quality, honesty, transparency which will ultimately result in business growth.

How much credibility is left in the tank??

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Lateef Abdul Sadick

Lateef Abdul Sadick

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