Coronavirus: SSFA Cancel South Sudan Premier League 2019/20 season

South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) has canceled the 2019/20 South Sudan Premier League season due to Coronavirus concerns.

This follows a meeting of the SSFA in which a resolution was made to terminate the season in a bid to follow health guidelines of social distancing and hygiene.

SSFA ended the competition without promoting or relegating any teams. They also decided not to declare any champions in their competitions across the country.

In its emergency meeting for day, South Sudan Football Association (SSFA)’s Board of Directors have decided to cancel South Sudan Premier League 2020 Season.

The revoke of the Season will remain until further notice and further orders shall be waited from the Government concerning the COVID-19 menace.

The Association has also negated all local leagues in all football federations across the country with no relegation or upgrading of any team from different levels of the league.

On the continent, SSFA, “the Champion of South Sudan which is Alrabita Juba will be the one to represent South Sudan.”

“According to the Spokesperson of SSFA, Mr. Alul Daniel, South Sudan will not participate in the African Champion League.”

SSFA’s verdict is similar to Ethiopia’s where they also cancelled their league without promotion or demotion.

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Regina Ahiabor Amartey

Regina Ahiabor Amartey

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